Association of Visually Impaired 
and Blind People

The association of Visually Impaired and Blind People (Blinden- und Sehbehinderten-Verein Mecklenburg-Vorpommern BSV-MV e.V.)  is a self-help organization with 22 area-groups in the North-East of Germany. The association has the aim to be a qualified advisor and representative of those affected in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. They step in for blind or visually handicapped people on societal, political and technical developments, create a corresponding public awareness and take a stand for changes.

Representatives of the area-group Schwerin of the BSV-MV e.V. have accompanied the developing process of the painting guide. As experts of everday-life they have supported the selection of the paintings, have passed an expert opinion on the touchpictures and have counter-checked the braille-texts.

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State Museum Schwerin -
Art Collections, Palaces and Parks

The State Museum Schwerin include the art collections in Schwerin as well as the former residence palaces of the princely house of Mecklenburg in Schwerin, Güstrow and Ludwigslust.

The Gallery of Old and New Masters is well known for the highly famous collection of Dutch and Flemish paintings of the 17th and 18th century, the Ernst Barlach foundation Bölkow and the collection Marcel Duchamp of Schwerin. Changing special exhibitions of older or contemporary art complement the collection of the museum.

Already since 2005 the Gallery of Old and New Masters has been organizing accessible offers for blind and visually handicapped visitors. Regularly there are guided tours dealing with different topics of the permanent collections and special exhibitions.

Thanks to the museum guide - which can be borrowed in the museum for free - blind and visually handicapped visitors have a barrier-free offer at their disposal, whenever the museum is open.

Further information as well as dates of the guided tours coming up soon

Other Eyes

The non-profit organization Other Eyes (Andere Augen e.V.) is a union of designers and skilled people who develop and create universal design-solutions, which therefore also are usable for people with handicaps. The basic idea equals universal design's idea: Access for as many people as possible, without excluding, marginalizing or isolating.

The painting guide "The Golden Age" is already the second inclusive book project that the organization put forth. In the year 2009 "Other Eyes - A photo-read-touch-hear-book" was published, the first photography book in Germany, which can be read by seeing, visually handicapped and blind people. The circulating exhibition "Other Eyes - An exhibition about Seeing", which has been organized and created by the organization, is touring through Germany since two years and has been shown in the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, in the German state parliament of Bavaria and Thuringia as well as many other places.

Currently the organization is preparing a new inclusive book project, addressing grown-ups and but especially little readers. The principle remains the same: Inclusive design books and accessible exhibitions are our invitation for everybody.

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